Van Monster Promotion 2008

During the 2006-2007 Season the VF-Racing team began placing Van Monster flyers at various trade counters around the Scarborough area.

Such was the success of these, that with the support of Van Monster, the VF-Racing team has been able to expand on this success of this promotion.

Not only are the leaflets handed at each event the team enters, but between events the list of trade outlets covered increases.

Van Monster Promotion

Van Monster Promotion

Up to the publication of this update the following trade outlets are displaying the Van Monster promotional vouchers.

Tophams, Bridlington Vouchers VF01-VF20
Transtools, Hunamby Vouchers VF21-VF41
Transglobal, Scarborough Vouchers VF81-VF132
Pirtek, Scarborough Vouchers VF61-VF81
Andy Hire, Scarborough Vouchers VF134-VF183
Grahams, Scarborough Vouchers VF183-VF233
Stephenson Cook, Scarborough Vouchers VF284-VF333
Edmundsons Electrical, Scarborough Vouchers VF233-VF283
Gardener Engineering, Scarborough Vouchers VF334-VF384
Howarth Timber, Malton Vouchers VF41-VF60

As you can see this is a massive increase on last year (+300%), yet we’ve only covered some off the trade outlets in this area. But this will be corrected over the next few months.

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